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Our Rendering Services

Being one of Brisbane’s best rendering services, we have the ability to offer you many services. We are your goto team for professional Brisbane renderers. We have years of experience in the rendering game and we can offer you many services.

Whether it’s a small job like a single wall or even rendering a fence, It’s no problem.  Right through to rendering a house or even a block of units. We offer very competitive rates on all our jobs. Feel free to get in touch and we can chat about your rendering project. Below is a list of what we can offer you as part of our service.


Sand, Cement Rendering.


Cement rendering is a popular option for many reasons. Maybe you’re looking to give your old property a new fresh look. Or you want to give your new house a modern look. Whatever the reason, rendering is a great option that’s also cost effective. The render mix consists of sand and a cement mixture. The mix is made as needed and applied to the surface while wet, allowing us to get the correct look before it starts to dry.

The sand/cement render mix is usually painted or can have a textured look applied. You can also add oxide into the mix. We do this to give you colour options for your house.  


Acrylic Rendering


The acrylic render mix has a different effect. The acrylic add a type of elasticity to the mix. Why would you want this. Well in some suburbs you can get a little ground movement. If your house moves a little, the render can, not always, but can crack. And that’s not the loo your after. The acrylic added to the render mix give you peace of mind knowing your rendered house won’t crack over time. This render is made up of cement and acrylic. It’s a very durable option. We can discuss what’s the best option for your property when quoting.



Rendered Cladding


If your looking into rendered cladding and you think this might be an option for you, we can help you out with the installation and the finishing touches. This sort of rendering is a budget friendly option. It can be quicker to install and a versatile option to look into.


Bands And Quions.

Bands and quinos are little additions you can add to your property to give it a finishing touch. It will add uniqueness and character to you house. These are made up of a render mix of sand and cement. They are then added to the area of choice, then if needed are cut into shape. Again if this is something you want to explore. We’ll be happy to help.



Moulding are again another option for your house. These come pre-made and are very light. You’ll have access to a number of designs, from classic to the modern look. They are applied to the house using a strong adhesive. They sit over either cladding or the render or even can sit over brick. At the end of the day these are just another option you can look into if your after a different finish to your house.


Textured Render Coating.

Textures render coating is what would be called a premium finish. It’s a little extra finish that can give your house a great look. We do this with the acrylic render option. It’s resistant to cracking and as we’ve said before it’s a flexible option, meaning it has a little leeway. It’s also resistant to excess water and discolouring. Something to think about if you live near the coast. But can be use inland as well. Being a textured coating, you have a number of options available to you. This coating can be added to pretty much any surface. So again if this is something you want to explore. Please let us know.


Need Painting. We can Also Paint Your Render.

We can also paint your rendered surface if this is something your looking at doing. We have done this on a number of our Brisbane rendering project. So please let us know and we can look at adding that into the quote.

Again If you have any questions regarding your rendering project. Please reach out.

We Would Love To Help You With Your Rendering Project. 

As you can see we have the skills to handle any rendering job. We offer very competitive prices on our services. We offer free quotes on all our work. We are ready to go. Fill in the form or reach out to us via phone or email. Appreciate your time.