Concrete Render
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inst   Rendering Benefits:

When deciding on cement render, acrylic render, or any form of rendering services, some people arrive to the decision to use an external rendering company by choice and some through necessity. We provide work for both, though here are some of the top reasons we get asked to provide external rendering services for our clients.

inst   Top 5 reasons:

There are many more reason why, but to keep things easy and allow us to add to the list later on let’s keep it to the top 5 reasons for now.

  • Provide weather proofing to old brickwork
  • Make good work that has been done a long time ago and provide a new coat
  • Adhere to health and safety regulations
  • Anti graffiti
  • Improve look of the building with choice of colours

We see and hear of many reasons to apply a high quality render system to buildings and have been doing this work for over 25 years.
If you have any queries which many people do when they are looking to find the right company, pleases simply give us a call or send an email and ask your as many questions as you want and we will guide you in your way as helpfully as possible.

inst   Why Us:

To stand Australian conditions, we only use Australian made products. With the manufacturers specifications in mind and to keep the warranty valid, we always ensure the correct system of products are applied. We are so confident with our work that we offer a guarantee on our workmanship. Our pre and post work tasks are just important as the work we perform; leaving your work clean ready to us is a priority for us.

inst   Rendering Services:

• Wall rendering
• Brick rendering
• House rendering
• White set/hard plaster
• Heritage plaster/heritage restoration
• Internal/external rendering
• Polished Render
• Rough cast/Stucco
• Tuscano rendering
• Installation of polystyrene systems then rendered
• Blue board render
• Installation of mouldings
• Precast panel
• Acrylic rendering
• Cement/concrete render

About Cement/Concrete Render: